Sunday, August 2, 2009


I created my background - which son says is too busy and fussy - not his exact words...
Anyway, I see that it only shows up when I use Firefox as a browser. It doesn't show up in
Internet Explorer. Any of you blog gurus have an idea as to why?!? TIA


  1. I am not a guru by any means, but I know that as soon as I switched to firefox from I.E. my online experience has changed ten times for the better! No more crashes, no more freezing of my computer and I can get to any site I want to NO PROBLEMS! I also have far less viruses and my computer protection works better...for instance it will stop me faster when I go to a site that has some spyware or other problems with it.

    Friends don't let friends use I.E.! LOL!

    BTW, your background is awesome! I would love something like that with tatting on it for my site. :)

  2. Your Roses are very pretty. But when you get to wanting a change - I'll gladly help with adding some tatting to yours : ) gb

  3. REALLY!?!? I would love to add my own tatting sometime...especially my own design! I know how to add a divider bar so I could replace my own tatting. I want something that would match my header, in the colors and I have a design I've made in a bookmark that I could tat longer for the photo for the background! WOW! I'm so excited! Thanks Gina! You are WAYYYYY Talented. I even have a Favicon that matches my header so I am WAYYY into the customized blog thing! Okay, this is tooo cool!

  4. I use FireFox, so it looks great to me, I love your background!