Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finished headbands

I use the nylon headbands that are covered in fabric or braid. Sometimes I can find them 5 for a $1!

The pattern repeat for the rolling rings headband:

R 4 - 4 - 8 cl & RW
C 12, LJ into 2nd picot of ring

This is a simplified version of my original pattern:

This pic shows the floss loops to pull in the final thread ends.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rolling Rings headband 4

This video explains the lock chain that I use frequently to hold a headband or ribbon behind the tatted lace.

Note to self: Look at the screen every once in awhile to see if you are even close to being in camera range! gb

Rolling Rings headband 3 - adding thread

This video shows how to "tat over tails" TOT to hide both the ending and the added threads.

OK...I am new to this video stuff ; ) I found I am having trouble staying "in camera" ; / My apologies in advance. Surely, I can only improve from here!

Rolling Rings headband 2 - adding thread

Rolling Rings headband continued. This shows how to open the knot on the loading loop to release the thread. You can thread a blunt (tapestry) needle with the thread end and weave back and forth through the caps of a previous element. You can also tat over a plastic flosser (or magic thread)in the next element and then pull the old thread end through to hide it. The third video shows tatting over the ending and the added thread ends.

Rolling Rings headband 1 - Loading loop

Headband video 1
I have a loading loop on all of my shuttles. This makes adding thread very quick and easy. The other advantage is that it extends my reach as I am tatting down to the end of thread.