Friday, September 10, 2010

Tatted water bottle coaster

Crazy? or ingenius?
Sons say
C-R-A-Z-Y! The problem...
my water bottle would sweat and leave a puddle everywhere I sat it down. The guys at work are content to wrap a tacky rag or paper towel around theirs. I thought I could tat a mignonette coaster around mine. Actually the idea is an old one. My grandmother had some of those colorful aluminum drinking glasses - you know - the ones that if your drink was too cold, your lip would stick to the side? I am trying to remember what she had on them - seems like they were maybe a stretchy fabric? Almost like a knitted sock as a self coaster around the glass.

The tricky part to my coaster was the odd shape of this water bottle. I used the "tat what you need" method of designing it. So even if I wanted to do another one - I'd never be able to duplicate it ; ) The final chain trim at the top was tatted over an elastic flat hair band.