Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hemstitching on the Bernina 1630

Someone on the InTatters tatting list
was researching edges on hankies. I thought my page of wing needle stitches that I designed for my Bernina 1630 years ago may give her some ideas of what to look for in a modern machine.

If anyone is looking for instructions about how to use the built in Stitch Designer of the Bernina 1630, my book can be found at

Friday, September 2, 2011

Eyeglasses Beaded Lanyard

I used Patti Duff's beaded lanyard pattern to make a lanyard to hold eyeglasses. My beads were not uniform in size. Irene Morgan suggested that I string them by twos (that were similar in size and color). YES! that worked out nicely. I used a bracelet closure rather then using the eyeglass findings that I had first intended. You know the ones that are like a double eyelet of vinyl rings? They hold the earpieces of the glasses around your neck.
I decided that I wanted this to have more of a necklace appearance. The lanyard will still slip over the head, but the eyeglasses earpiece will slip down through the loop of the leaf.