Monday, September 17, 2012

Carrickmacross lace

A friend is studying the art of Carrickmacross lace.  I had read that this was the technique that was used for the appliqued lace of Kate Middleton's wedding dress. This reminded me that I had made a sample of the technique on the sewing machine many years ago.
The ground is two layers of fine poly netting turned cross grain to each other.  This was a happy accident.  Back in the days when I had a monogram shop, I was working away and was distracted by a piece of netting that I had haphazardly thrown in a chair.  I glanced across the room and saw this sweet floral netting.  I didn't remember buying it.  Well, I didn't buy floral netting - but discovered that by laying two pieces of plain netting cross grain (in 90 degree angles to itself) it was no longer a boring square ground but a tiny floral pattern.
Set up for this method:  The design is drawn on WSS with water erasable pen.  This is placed on top of the netting ground.  Another layer of WSS is underneath  and all are hooped together.  The design is straight stitched free motion.  The cutwork is satin stitched.  While the design is still in the hoop, place it on the item to be appliqued with the motif.  Straight stitch around the edge to secure the motif.  Trim away the excess netting from the top and the background fabric from underneath the motif.  The applique edge is stitched over gimp cord, forming picots of the cording.  A final satin stitch will smooth the edge.