Thursday, May 2, 2013

Easy way to add thread

This is a planned thread addition.  I even did a shoelace trick to make the thread from the shuttle and the ball run out at the same time.  There is no need to tie on the new thread - it will merely be trapped in the base of the last ring.  The tatted lace yardage is rolled on an empty reel and kept from unfurling with a plastic hair band.
This pattern is one I call "FleaMkt"  I found an example of it tatted with a lightweight yarn at the local Flea market several years ago.  I have never found the exact pattern in any books. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So this idea has been "baking" in my brain for several years.  There have been several books printed now about tatting over cabone rings, and I had seen several gals tatting over large polished stone ring beads.  I wondered if it would work as a pin keep to tat over a rare earth magnet.  I  bought magnets in several sizes and there they sat on my shelf ; /  I finally remembered to pack them to ship to meet me in Montana.  Sadly, they didn't show up until a day before I was leaving.  But! I had bought new 'Lizbeth size 3 thread from Deb Arnold of DS9 Designs
I got the project started in Montana and finished it on the plane to come home.  I did a simple 3 picot chain joining it around the magnet.  Well...I had thought that I would need a metal washer of some sort to hold it to my jacket, but happened to have a PURPLE paperclip that Wendy Griffin, who needle tats, gave me.  The paperclip held the magnet - and scissors - and my needle, just fine!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Single Shuttle Split Ring Headband

Matthew Takeda came up with this novel way of making a single shuttle split ring.  The technique is shared with his permission on Bina Madden's Paradise Treasures site:

What may not be clear in the diagram, is how to close the ring. (at least I was missing it...)  I have uploaded a video to YouTube to explain this.

The FREE! pattern for my floral headband using this technique can be found on my website: