Monday, July 5, 2010

Washita County courthouse

Thinking of the rain that has fallen in Western OK. The embroidery is Freemotion stitch painting. This was stitched on a t-shirt : o many years ago for a client. Her grandfather was one of Cordell, OK early leaders.

The design was first stitched on nylon organdy. Then it was freemotion appliqued to the t-shirt and more detail added.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Tatting" on the embroidery machine

Marian Ecker of Murphy's Design
has created FSL from one of my tatting designs (with my permission, of course!) She worked from the tatting pattern that I call "Rolling Rings" headband.

The embroidery file can be purchased from Murphy's Design

These were so quick and easy - I have just as easily given them all away...what fun!!!

The blue headband is the first one I shuttle tatted. I wove a ribbon through it. Now I find the nylon headbands at the discount stores - usually 5 for a dollar! These are covered with fabric or braided tubes.

The nylon does not break as quickly as the plastic headbands. A little girl cannot resist seeing how far she can bend the headband ; ) When! this happens, the lace can be quickly added to a new headband.

Embroidered caps

Digitized and embroidered caps for my favorite tatting brothers...THE SHUTTLE BROTHERS!
Sewn on my Janome 350E. I taped the caps to the cap frame to get the largest sewing field possible with my little toy ; ) Have now stitched a couple of caps on the Amaya - my boys call "Bubba". (This because I said I might call her Rissa - the daughter I never had ; )