Sunday, January 9, 2011

you've got to be kidding... another eBay collar - enough already!

This is one that I wanted to wear - but I did not have enough thread in this color dye lot ; P Oh! I scrimped and saved and planned and plotted... to no avail - there was not going to be enough. I went ahead and finished it. Maybe I should have gifted it to a smaller-than-me gal, but! it was the perfect color for my denim jacket that I keep adding "crust" to. The color really is the same - but I just didn't wait for the Best Press to dry before taking the pics.

eBay Collar - again?!?!

This is the collar that I tatted for another friend. I wanted a self closure and used beads with tatting between them. This was a neat didn't want to stay closed. So I then tatted around magnets - and now this collar is easy to wear : D

eBay Collar - revisited

More examples of what can be done with this pattern

This piece was actually tatted in fewer repeats to be worn by a friend in her Ultra suede suit. She wore it straight across - not pinned into a collar. I just needed a picture to show examples of what type of beauty pin to look for to close a collar. This one is cloisonné - and of course - was found on eBay.

eBay Collar

Several years ago, I bought an ecru collar on eBay. I have seen the pattern in one form or another in many places. What I have never found is the outside scallop round. I have tatted it in several colors and even changed the size. The pattern is shared on my page.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Crosses for Uncle Jack

Sadly, my Uncle Jack was found dead in his home a couple of days before Christmas. As his favorite color was turquoise, I tatted crosses for my Dad and his other two brothers.

As we buried his ashes yesterday, my cousin said, "There is a very special place in heaven for Uncle Jack - for caring so lovingly for our Grandmother."

I will try my best to live by the example that he showed all of us.