Friday, January 17, 2020

Upside Down Appliqué is a great method of applying lace or textured fabric when an iron-on or spray adhesive would spoil the fancy fabric. 

1. The design is drawn on the back of the base fabric. 

2. The lace is placed on the front of the fabric and is face down to the bed of the sewing machine. You can use flat flower head pins or tape if needed. When using cotton or linen fabrics, you may not need to pin in place - they tend to cling to themselves. Also, because the applique is flat to the sewing sewing machine bed, it should stay in place during this tack down step.
3. Stitch along the design from the back of the base fabric. 

4. Turn the piece to the front and trim the excess of the lace applique.

Note: adding a second layer of lace placed cross-grain to the first to create the floret pattern :)

 5. Clean finish the edge on the front side of the fabric with a satin stitch.