Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hemstitching on the Bernina 1630

Someone on the InTatters tatting list
was researching edges on hankies. I thought my page of wing needle stitches that I designed for my Bernina 1630 years ago may give her some ideas of what to look for in a modern machine.

If anyone is looking for instructions about how to use the built in Stitch Designer of the Bernina 1630, my book can be found at

Friday, September 2, 2011

Eyeglasses Beaded Lanyard

I used Patti Duff's beaded lanyard pattern to make a lanyard to hold eyeglasses. My beads were not uniform in size. Irene Morgan suggested that I string them by twos (that were similar in size and color). YES! that worked out nicely. I used a bracelet closure rather then using the eyeglass findings that I had first intended. You know the ones that are like a double eyelet of vinyl rings? They hold the earpieces of the glasses around your neck.
I decided that I wanted this to have more of a necklace appearance. The lanyard will still slip over the head, but the eyeglasses earpiece will slip down through the loop of the leaf.

Friday, August 26, 2011

New tatting shuttle

I finally tried my new tatting shuttle from the Shuttle Shop - and I LOVE IT! It is great for beads or even when I want to load a ton of thread for one of the mignonette bags.

The design is my own. It's a variation of the hearts and bows theme I've done for several years.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ecru Mignonette and silk ribbon bag

I wanted to show the Mignonette tatted bag that I used Best Press to freshen the silk ribbon accents. Through time and dragging the bag around, the silk ribbon had become twisted and mangled ; ( I didn't want to replace the ribbon with polyester - and Best Press revived it!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

No gap tatting

An unflipped half stitch is a great way to fill in the space or gap that can be left between tatting elements. The video also shows how to use Best Press to block a tatted piece.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finished headbands

I use the nylon headbands that are covered in fabric or braid. Sometimes I can find them 5 for a $1!

The pattern repeat for the rolling rings headband:

R 4 - 4 - 8 cl & RW
C 12, LJ into 2nd picot of ring

This is a simplified version of my original pattern:

This pic shows the floss loops to pull in the final thread ends.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rolling Rings headband 4

This video explains the lock chain that I use frequently to hold a headband or ribbon behind the tatted lace.

Note to self: Look at the screen every once in awhile to see if you are even close to being in camera range! gb

Rolling Rings headband 3 - adding thread

This video shows how to "tat over tails" TOT to hide both the ending and the added threads.

OK...I am new to this video stuff ; ) I found I am having trouble staying "in camera" ; / My apologies in advance. Surely, I can only improve from here!

Rolling Rings headband 2 - adding thread

Rolling Rings headband continued. This shows how to open the knot on the loading loop to release the thread. You can thread a blunt (tapestry) needle with the thread end and weave back and forth through the caps of a previous element. You can also tat over a plastic flosser (or magic thread)in the next element and then pull the old thread end through to hide it. The third video shows tatting over the ending and the added thread ends.

Rolling Rings headband 1 - Loading loop

Headband video 1
I have a loading loop on all of my shuttles. This makes adding thread very quick and easy. The other advantage is that it extends my reach as I am tatting down to the end of thread.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

you've got to be kidding... another eBay collar - enough already!

This is one that I wanted to wear - but I did not have enough thread in this color dye lot ; P Oh! I scrimped and saved and planned and plotted... to no avail - there was not going to be enough. I went ahead and finished it. Maybe I should have gifted it to a smaller-than-me gal, but! it was the perfect color for my denim jacket that I keep adding "crust" to. The color really is the same - but I just didn't wait for the Best Press to dry before taking the pics.

eBay Collar - again?!?!

This is the collar that I tatted for another friend. I wanted a self closure and used beads with tatting between them. This was a neat didn't want to stay closed. So I then tatted around magnets - and now this collar is easy to wear : D

eBay Collar - revisited

More examples of what can be done with this pattern

This piece was actually tatted in fewer repeats to be worn by a friend in her Ultra suede suit. She wore it straight across - not pinned into a collar. I just needed a picture to show examples of what type of beauty pin to look for to close a collar. This one is cloisonné - and of course - was found on eBay.

eBay Collar

Several years ago, I bought an ecru collar on eBay. I have seen the pattern in one form or another in many places. What I have never found is the outside scallop round. I have tatted it in several colors and even changed the size. The pattern is shared on my page.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Crosses for Uncle Jack

Sadly, my Uncle Jack was found dead in his home a couple of days before Christmas. As his favorite color was turquoise, I tatted crosses for my Dad and his other two brothers.

As we buried his ashes yesterday, my cousin said, "There is a very special place in heaven for Uncle Jack - for caring so lovingly for our Grandmother."

I will try my best to live by the example that he showed all of us.