Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thumb Drive Fob

We all collect thumb drives. How do you keep track of their content?

I have a friend who puts different colors of ribbon on hers and keeps a notebook with their contents.

I'm fond of little "do dads". Something quick and easy to jar my memory of their content. Some are decorative paper clips - I have found a heart (lesson plans), a foot (delivery scheme maps), and even a guitar (music).  I have a tiny
FSL angel on my thumb drive that fits my embroidery machine.
Can you guess what is on this latest thumb drive with a tatted heart?

**Addendum** I was asked to teach this little heart at Camp Wanna Tat this spring.  I have searched for months for the source of the original heart.  I wasn't even sure if I had personally tatted it  - but it was in my stash of tatted doo-dads.  Well... I wasn't asking the right people. When I showed my lesson sheet to my genius tatting friend, Irene Morgan, and asked if she recognized the pattern - she took a minute - and recalled that Pam Freck was tatting this little heart and called it the "hasty heart".  Now! that I had a pattern name I could do a google search and came up with the original owner!  drumroll.... Barbara Hevener!  and here is a link for her original pattern.