Friday, July 24, 2009

Tatting is a portable hobby?!?!

Krystledawne suggested that we post a pic of
our tatting space - unposed - just as it is found.
Scarey thought : O
Since I have my blocking/ironing board near the embroidery machine, the sewing sample was found there as well.
I have the three tatted hankies ready for embroidery.
One of my antique irons - no vent holes.
The collar I am working on.
The yards of thread that I untatted : (
BEST PRESS that smooths my tatting as
I work on it.
My fav clear, tortoise, double sided, zippered, tatting case.
Oh! it has my "diamond pin" that hubby's Grandfather made. Yes : ) it is a dime that is welded onto a large safety pin. It comes in handy as a small screwdriver for my GR8 shuttles.

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  1. Hey, Gina, I've just found your blog! Your work area is SO tidy. Mine (which is all over the house!) is a muddle!!!!