Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peach Mignonette Bag

My plan was to use the SSSR round as the casing for this mignonette bag. But someone else suggested that the cords be woven in a lower round to give the bag more firmness when it closes. The cording is made with a lock stitch of peach and green threads. A lock stitch is made by flipping the first half and NOT flipping the second half. The tassels are made of the same two colors. There are two rounds of onion rings. I tend to work the rounds in groups of odd numbers before changing the count for the next texture. Sure, this one got "out of hand" and is almost big enough to be a bucket! (click on each image to show detail)


  1. Wow. WHAT a lot of work went into the bag. I admire your patience. I love the tatted edgings on your blog too.

  2. The edging on the pink is a set of two pieces for pillowcases that I "rescued" from ebay.
    The one on green is one that I tatted - I think- found in one of the Italian tatting books. But it became the "spark" for my hearts and bows edging. gb