Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blue Mignonette

Judi Banashek published a book entitled, "Modern Mignonette". I enjoyed tatting with her when she lived here in OKC. I know I am very fortunate to have had her for my first tatting teacher. I had collected patterns and supplies for 15 years before I was able to attend my first tatting class with Judi.

This little bag is one of my early tatting projects. It was not terribly creative except for the band of tiny rings in the center of the bag : ) Judi was encouraging me to experiment with mignonette texture.

I have made several more "adventurous" mignonette bags since this one.


  1. WOW I just love this little that pattern available anywhere?
    Joy in OZ

  2. Joy, there is no pattern, you simply "tat what you need". One of the gals from Palmetto Tatters did a pattern from one of my bags. I will ask her permission to post it here : ) gb