Wednesday, July 15, 2009


©2005 gina Butler ~

Wind 2 shuttles with purple thread. (go ahead! fill them : ) you won't be able to stop at just one HuckleBear!) Starting with a thread tail from each shuttle of 4 - 6 inches, set up for a chain. Flip the first half and DON'T flip the second half. This will tie the two threads together. There is no need to start CTM because you want the thread tails for his bow tie.

Bear Head and Ears -1st SCMR:
SCMR - Chain 12 ds
Pick up
other shuttle to “throw” Ring off chain to form ear 12 ds, close ring Use first shuttle to continue SCMR Chain 12 ds (top of head) Again, use second shuttle to form ear Ring 12ds close ring Use first shuttle to complete Chain 12 ds Close first SCMR.

Eyes and Snout- 2nd SCMR:
SCMR Chain 4ds, Use second shuttle to tat Josephine Ring (this makes the eye) 6 halfs, Join into base of ear, 6 halfs, close JR, with first shuttle Ch 4ds, Use second shuttle JR 6 halfs, join (into base of second ear), 6halfs, close JR, Ch 4ds, close SCMR. After the 2 SCMRs are tatted you will have 4 thread ends. Hold two thread tails in each hand and tie into a bow at HuckleBear’s neck.

Hey Palmetto kids! In green varigated thread he would certainly be a fine Kudzu B

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